Let it snow … let it snow … let it snow …

Wednesday, November 7 …  This morning the air was calm and the temperature was -1C.   A light, fluffy snow has been falling since the wee hours and we can, apparently, expect about 10 inches to fall in the next twenty four hours.    Last night’s freezing rain morphed into snow in time for the morning commute … many car accidents, road and highway closures.   While people who had to be out in the vehicles were dealing with horrors of “snowmageddon” my dogs and I went for a long walk through the park.   It was so peaceful … and very pretty!

At home the Blue Jays, Juncos, Nuthatches, Finches and Magpies are visiting the feeders for sunflower seeds and suet.  The platform feeder offers a dried corn cob and peanuts … enjoyed by the squirrels, too.

With Hallowe’en behind us, people are starting to think about Remembrance Day and Christmas.

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent a lot time creating Christmas cards … selecting the photo images and then creating the text to accompany them.



Card #1 — “Traditional Christmas Carols are part of this joyful celebration.”


Card #3 — “Silent Night, Holy Night.”


I hope that these images, featuring some of my Christmas cards, connect with you, touching your Heart.



Card #18 — “Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!”



Card #5 — “Christmas”


Life.  A breath at a time.  Each moment filled with trust and gratitude.


Card #54    Merry Christmas … To You from Us!



Card #6 — “Merry Christmas!”


All of the cards are blank inside … the back of each card features a “title” .


Card #8 — “Blue Christmas”



Card #49  Merry Christmas!!



Please get in touch with me if you would like to learn more — about Christmas or greeting cards.  I’m always working on new projects!

Now here are a few more for you to check out …

I hope that some with touch your Heart.    Thank you for looking through the images.




Card #23 — “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear … that Glorious Song …”



Card # 21 — “Merry Christmas! This Polar Bear is all decked out …”



Card #51 — “Sure hope Santa and the Reindeer don’t get lost ….”



Card #41 — “Merry Christmas. Love and Wonderment …”




Card #53 — “Merry Christmas! Blue Jay comes a-calling.”



Card #30 — “Merry Christmas …”



Card #27 — “Peace on Earth”



Card #34 — “Merry Christmas! Family and Friends …”



Card #35 — “But the greatest of these is Love.”



Card #25 — “Dreaming of a White Christmas”



Card #9 — “Blue Christmas Without You.”



Card #20 — “The weather outside is frightful … but knitting is so delightful!”



Card #52 — “All I Want for Christmas …”



Card #22 — “All is Calm. All is Bright …”



Card #19 — “Merry Christmas, My Love …”



Card #55   Merry Christmas Everyone!!








Autumn.  Migration.

Yesterday afternoon we drove to a conservation area east of the city to look for flocks of geese, swans, ducks and possibly cranes.    The pelicans left weeks ago but as winter draws nearer the full migration is getting underway.    My hope was to see large numbers of waterfowl … and possibly take some photographs.

The experience was absolutely amazing.

My friend and I arrived at the small lake  around 4:00 and didn’t leave until almost 7:00.     We were the only humans there … with our dogs.   They got bored at times but overall were very well behaved and stayed at my side.   We were standing on an earth “viewing mound” that gave a good vantage point of the lake.   Bull rushes, cat-tails formed a mat between us and the water.   I can imagine how busy this space would have been in the summer months … hosting blackbirds and providing shelter for ducks and shorebirds.   Yesterday the sun touched the open seed pods, creating the sense of “energy” pulsating from them.

There was no wind … the air was calm so sounds carried beautifully.    A dull murmur — the “chatting” of the hundreds upon hundreds of birds waiting to begin their long flight south — provided the background noise, setting the mood.   From time to time  a small group would suddenly talk-it-up and then take flight … only to circle above the lake for a few minutes before landing again.  I wondered if someone on the far side of the lake had disturbed or frightened them  — or if they were simply in “anticipation” mode.  Testing their wings.

The hours passed so quickly, with the late afternoon sun providing a gentle warmth.

The sunset happened slowly …. and it was indescribable!    With the setting sun the birds started to talk a lot more and they began to flap their wings …. the thunderous sound of the wing beats as the birds lifted from the lake added a whole new level of excitement for me.    Absolutely incredible!!

Then the coyotes started to sing!   Some sounded very close — perhaps only a couple hundred yards away, in the thick brush to the side of where we were standing.   When they started to howl our dogs just lay down and stayed put.   Within moments, coyotes across the little lake responded, and some to the west as well …………….. absolutely amazing.    Loud, deep “hooting” from some near-by owls added to the wonder-filled experience.

Incredible.    What an amazing gift that whole 3 hours was!   I admit to being an idealist, a romantic, a peace-lover and a dreamer.  It saddened (and saddens)   me to think of the long haul these birds have before them — facing all types of weather and dangers, including hunting.   Yes, it’s a reality that their numbers have to be kept in check or overpopulation would cause them to die slow deaths.    But ….

As we drove away there were small herds of deer feeding in the farm fields ….

The night sky colors ranged from black in the north  (a thunderstorm approaching) to burnt orange and deep rose in the west.     Normally electrical storms aren’t part of our weather at this time of year so the spectacular lightning show — with very little rain — was the day’s grand finale!   I’m grateful for this unforgettable experience.

These few hours are etched in my heart, my soul and my brain ………… and, yes, I did take some photographs!    I’d like to share these with you ….



Trial Flight ….



Migration … A Resting Stop



Ethereal … Snow Geese in Flight



Evening Flight … Time to Head Out for Supper



Evening Magic ….



Evening Sky Dancers …



Incredible … An absolutely Incredible experience!!






Summer Storms

There is no doubt that summer storms create, deep in my Heart and Soul, feelings of excitement, fear, anticipation and some dread as well. Growing up mainly in Alberta, electrical storms were part of life. My Mom loved to watch the storms — she saw their beauty and we learned to feel the same way.

As an adult I lived on Vancouver Island for many years before moving back ‘home’ two years ago.  On the Island electrical storms are infrequent so this summer has definitely helped to reacquaint me with the wild, loud, sometimes destructive prairie weather.  There have definitely been some “Oh My Goodness!” moments for me when a streak of lightning connects somewhere and the thunder claps right away.

Two weeks ago we decided to explore the countryside east of Edmonton … to see places we hadn’t seen for years. The weather was hot, very humid. By noon the almost-black clouds were quickly building … billowing from within it seemed. As they morphed I was reminded of the way a marshmallow roasted over a campfire will open and the insides will bubble up and spill out.

The vibrant, intense colors were surreal …. the churning charcoal-colored clouds with pink tinges, the deep yellow flowers of the canola fields, the green grasses. The power within the storm — threats of a tornado touching down somewhere, the rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning.   Awesome to say the least.

As I grow older my concerns are for the innocent victims – human, animal and plant — harmed or destroyed by war, natural disaster, neglect or abuse.  That Tuesday — July 24 — my concerns were about the lightning, driving rain, wind, hail and/or possible tornado.  So many emotions filled my Heart!  Finally I remembered a dear friend’s words of wisdom:  “Rhon, please remember that you can’t protect everyone and everything.”

Sometimes I’m a slow learner.



The road ahead …….



Colors, energy …. anticipation … and a little concern



Approaching Storm ….



Colors, Textures, Energy ….



Dancing … between the Storms



Looking back toward Edmonton ….








On June 28 I had the opportunity to meet with Mary MacArthur and her husband, Danny Lineham, who are the owners of  “Siding 14 Gallery” in the town of Ponoka, Alberta.     Ponoka, just over an hour’s drive south of Edmonton, is a nice little town that seems to be ‘coming into its own’ as new businesses open.    Danny, who enjoys acting, spoke enthusiastically about the town’s theatre group as well.      People are optimistic and that outlook speaks volumes.


“Siding 14 Gallery” officially opened in mid-May this year.    Mary and Danny showcase their own special work — “Those Great Little Books” — which are handmade with coptic binding.    These are beautiful books, created with care and attention to detail.


The gallery features a variety of work created by artists from Alberta and British Columbia.      I’m excited to have a selection of my art cards and greeting cards in Siding 14 Gallery now!!





Time for Whimsy ….


Sometimes a person simply needs quiet time in the garden … time to sit back and observe what’s there.  Then the imagination can get a little silly and start to play around ………. and it’s absolutely “free” entertainment!!    This endearing cat has resided in my sister and brother-in-law’s garden for years …. through hot summers and frigid winters … but he continues to smile!!


I hope you chuckle over this image!    Wonder what words of wisdom he would share, if he could speak?


This image is available as a greeting card or an art card.


“Wheeeee!” Crazy Cat Hangin’ On!!




Should I?



Should I?

 Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania

My sister and I are  in Pennsylvania for a week’s getaway.   Today, in the stifling heat and humidity, we are exploring Pittsburgh’s historic business district.  Distant laughter beckons us to a welcoming square surrounded by mirror-windowed office buildings.   A wonderful fountain has drawn people of all ages to gather here.   Swim-suited toddlers to teens, looking so refreshed and exhilarated, run and play among the water spouts!   Their joy is contagious.

While we sit at a small cafe table on the sidelines, I notice a young woman who has stopped at the edge of the water park and I wonder if she, too, is wistfully thinking … “Should I?”


“Should I?”




Dreams Can Come True …

A peaceful evening … I’m looking after my sister and brother-in-law’s “4-legged-kids” while they are away on vacation … and the world is good.

Just watched “American Idol” … next week is the grand finale of this season’s competition.  I can imagine how exhausted …. yet energized … the 2 finalists  will be during this coming week as the excitement builds.   So many challenges left to meet!   It’s amazing to see how all of the contestants have grown … blossomed … over the past weeks.    Their presentations reflect the lessons, rehearsals and resulting increased self-confidence.    What a journey for each of these young people … to take that all important “leap of faith” to pursue a dream.   I wish each Idol contestant  — and everyone who has the courage to follow creative passion in Life — inner peace, joy, humility and a never-ending sense wonder.

Each new day … lived a breath at a time.  With gratitude.

Thank you for visiting my site … I hope you will return time and again.

Please remember that the images in my portfolios are available as cards …. many also as art prints.    Please contact me if you’re interested in learning more.




Spring is my favourite season …. I welcome the long daylight hours!     The sights and sounds of this season are special … everything from the migrating birds returning north to the sounds of singing birds, laughing children … yes, even the sound of lawn mowers!!    New leaves, grass and colorful flowers work to complete the picture.   I enjoy relaxing on the patio … reading, writing or simply brushing my dogs.

For me, Spring is also a time of ‘hope’  … planting gardens, playing sports, going for walks, anticipating upcoming vacations!     Following the long winter, people seem to thrive on being outdoors again ….

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society‘s adoption events seem to attract more potential adopters.    For several years now I’ve volunteered as a “screener” for SCARS, speaking with people who want to adopt one of our rescued animals and are ready to complete an application form.

SCARS is a group of caring people who volunteer our time to help dogs (and some cats) that are often the victims of neglect and/or abuse.  Many have simply been abandoned … by the side of a road or even tied to a roadside picnic table.    It’s too bad these animals can’t speak …. even though their tragic stories would break our hearts.

Our rescues live with volunteer Foster Families until they are adopted.   These  loving people welcome the dogs and cats into their hearts, their homes … their families.    Their patient, loving care encourages the animals to take the leap of faith —  and learn to trust human beings again.     If you visit our website, please check out the “Look At Us Now” section to see  how being adopted into a loving family transforms lives.



Faith, trust ….



Eyes are the Window to the Soul



Friends Forever



An Old Soul





Juneau, Kona, Eliza, and Ceilidh were rescued by or surrendered to SCARS.

They have now found their forever homes!


Yes, spring is the time of ‘hope’ and of ‘new beginnings’!!

Please check out our website:    http://www.scarscare.org/ to learn more about our work and to meet dogs and cats that are currently available for adoption.


If you live in Alberta — but particularly north of the Red Deer area — and if you would like to help, please get in touch with us.    There are so many rescues waiting for their “furever” homes ….. and so many more waiting to be saved.









Christine, my best friend for almost 48 years, and I flew home to Edmonton last night  after enjoying a week’s “get-away-from-it-all” with friends who live just outside the small town of Sooke, BC.    http://www.sooke.org/

Each day when we looked out the kitchen and living room windows we saw the ocean and the natural beauty surrounding our friends’ home:  the forest, the flowers, the squirrels, rabbits, deer (a doe and her year-old fawn), quail, hummingbirds, junkos, towhees, jays and flickers.    We saw amazing sunsets, star-filled night skies … and some heavy rain.

It’s hard to believe that  the small village my husband and I moved to in late 1986 has “grown up” to become a town!

We played tourist for six wonderful days — meeting old friends and chatting over meals, a glass or two of merlot, or cups of coffee.    We walked on the Whiffen Spit and we wandered the familiar trails of Point No Point and the Galloping Goose.    My camera was always with me.

St. Rose of Lima, the small parish I attended for years, will be celebrating Mass in their new church next Sunday.  This week volunteers will be busy packing and unpacking — during this period of transition the parishioners are filled with mixed emotions — sadness at leaving the “old” behind but also excitement about the future.    Thank you, Bruce, for showing us through the  “church in the woods”,  a beautiful new building that blends in with the landscape and the neighbourhood.   Thank you for telling us about the planning, the environmental concerns, the construction … and the dreams for the future.   http://www.strosesooke.org/

This brief vacation … and the opportunity to step into the past … reminded me how quickly Time passes!    So many memories — happy and sad.  Joyful laughter and tears.  Life.

I’m grateful to have been able to re-connect with so many people who were — and still are — a special part of my memories, my life.    Stretching my comfort zone a little more, I took some of my greeting cards and art prints to share with old friends — and new.   Their positive, encouraging response to my work touched my Heart more than I can say.

Over the next few days I hope to upload photos I’ve taken in and around Sooke over the years.     Please drop by to see them!

In the meantime, I’d like to share one of my photographs (taken February, 2010 in South Carolina) that seemed to be a ‘favourite’.




About The Photo  —   I’m attracted by the colors, the angles, the reflection in the window at the far end of the balconies and the Atlantic Ocean.  The shades of blue speak of my sadness.   The angles represent the detours and roadblocks we sometimes encounter on our Life’s Journey.  In the window’s reflection I see that we can glance back while still moving forward.  I see the Unknown just beyond the horizon and the deep, calm-seeming waters of the Present.  The breaking waves run joyfully up the sandy beach — bringing with them a sense of promise.

Perspective.    Perception.    Life.



Perspective. Perception. Life.










Easter Sunday … a beautiful, sunny day!    I awoke in the “wee hours”  this morning to the sound of robins and finches singing while crows argued and blue jays scolded.    Yes, despite the chilly temperatures, Spring has arrived.


Spring Tulips … A Cherished Gift from My Dear Cousin



Many children will be excited about their traditional Easter Egg Hunts.    People will be attending church  services.    Family and friends will be getting together for supper.

Another special day.