Dreams Can Come True …

A peaceful evening … I’m looking after my sister and brother-in-law’s “4-legged-kids” while they are away on vacation … and the world is good.

Just watched “American Idol” … next week is the grand finale of this season’s competition.  I can imagine how exhausted …. yet energized … the 2 finalists  will be during this coming week as the excitement builds.   So many challenges left to meet!   It’s amazing to see how all of the contestants have grown … blossomed … over the past weeks.    Their presentations reflect the lessons, rehearsals and resulting increased self-confidence.    What a journey for each of these young people … to take that all important “leap of faith” to pursue a dream.   I wish each Idol contestant  — and everyone who has the courage to follow creative passion in Life — inner peace, joy, humility and a never-ending sense wonder.

Each new day … lived a breath at a time.  With gratitude.

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