Spring is my favourite season …. I welcome the long daylight hours!     The sights and sounds of this season are special … everything from the migrating birds returning north to the sounds of singing birds, laughing children … yes, even the sound of lawn mowers!!    New leaves, grass and colorful flowers work to complete the picture.   I enjoy relaxing on the patio … reading, writing or simply brushing my dogs.

For me, Spring is also a time of ‘hope’  … planting gardens, playing sports, going for walks, anticipating upcoming vacations!     Following the long winter, people seem to thrive on being outdoors again ….

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society‘s adoption events seem to attract more potential adopters.    For several years now I’ve volunteered as a “screener” for SCARS, speaking with people who want to adopt one of our rescued animals and are ready to complete an application form.

SCARS is a group of caring people who volunteer our time to help dogs (and some cats) that are often the victims of neglect and/or abuse.  Many have simply been abandoned … by the side of a road or even tied to a roadside picnic table.    It’s too bad these animals can’t speak …. even though their tragic stories would break our hearts.

Our rescues live with volunteer Foster Families until they are adopted.   These  loving people welcome the dogs and cats into their hearts, their homes … their families.    Their patient, loving care encourages the animals to take the leap of faith —  and learn to trust human beings again.     If you visit our website, please check out the “Look At Us Now” section to see  how being adopted into a loving family transforms lives.



Faith, trust ….



Eyes are the Window to the Soul



Friends Forever



An Old Soul





Juneau, Kona, Eliza, and Ceilidh were rescued by or surrendered to SCARS.

They have now found their forever homes!


Yes, spring is the time of ‘hope’ and of ‘new beginnings’!!

Please check out our website:    http://www.scarscare.org/ to learn more about our work and to meet dogs and cats that are currently available for adoption.


If you live in Alberta — but particularly north of the Red Deer area — and if you would like to help, please get in touch with us.    There are so many rescues waiting for their “furever” homes ….. and so many more waiting to be saved.








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