On June 28 I had the opportunity to meet with Mary MacArthur and her husband, Danny Lineham, who are the owners of  “Siding 14 Gallery” in the town of Ponoka, Alberta.     Ponoka, just over an hour’s drive south of Edmonton, is a nice little town that seems to be ‘coming into its own’ as new businesses open.    Danny, who enjoys acting, spoke enthusiastically about the town’s theatre group as well.      People are optimistic and that outlook speaks volumes.


“Siding 14 Gallery” officially opened in mid-May this year.    Mary and Danny showcase their own special work — “Those Great Little Books” — which are handmade with coptic binding.    These are beautiful books, created with care and attention to detail.


The gallery features a variety of work created by artists from Alberta and British Columbia.      I’m excited to have a selection of my art cards and greeting cards in Siding 14 Gallery now!!





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