Summer Storms

There is no doubt that summer storms create, deep in my Heart and Soul, feelings of excitement, fear, anticipation and some dread as well. Growing up mainly in Alberta, electrical storms were part of life. My Mom loved to watch the storms — she saw their beauty and we learned to feel the same way.

As an adult I lived on Vancouver Island for many years before moving back ‘home’ two years ago.  On the Island electrical storms are infrequent so this summer has definitely helped to reacquaint me with the wild, loud, sometimes destructive prairie weather.  There have definitely been some “Oh My Goodness!” moments for me when a streak of lightning connects somewhere and the thunder claps right away.

Two weeks ago we decided to explore the countryside east of Edmonton … to see places we hadn’t seen for years. The weather was hot, very humid. By noon the almost-black clouds were quickly building … billowing from within it seemed. As they morphed I was reminded of the way a marshmallow roasted over a campfire will open and the insides will bubble up and spill out.

The vibrant, intense colors were surreal …. the churning charcoal-colored clouds with pink tinges, the deep yellow flowers of the canola fields, the green grasses. The power within the storm — threats of a tornado touching down somewhere, the rumbling thunder and flashes of lightning.   Awesome to say the least.

As I grow older my concerns are for the innocent victims – human, animal and plant — harmed or destroyed by war, natural disaster, neglect or abuse.  That Tuesday — July 24 — my concerns were about the lightning, driving rain, wind, hail and/or possible tornado.  So many emotions filled my Heart!  Finally I remembered a dear friend’s words of wisdom:  “Rhon, please remember that you can’t protect everyone and everything.”

Sometimes I’m a slow learner.



The road ahead …….



Colors, energy …. anticipation … and a little concern



Approaching Storm ….



Colors, Textures, Energy ….



Dancing … between the Storms



Looking back toward Edmonton ….







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