Let it snow … let it snow … let it snow …

Wednesday, November 7 …  This morning the air was calm and the temperature was -1C.   A light, fluffy snow has been falling since the wee hours and we can, apparently, expect about 10 inches to fall in the next twenty four hours.    Last night’s freezing rain morphed into snow in time for the morning commute … many car accidents, road and highway closures.   While people who had to be out in the vehicles were dealing with horrors of “snowmageddon” my dogs and I went for a long walk through the park.   It was so peaceful … and very pretty!

At home the Blue Jays, Juncos, Nuthatches, Finches and Magpies are visiting the feeders for sunflower seeds and suet.  The platform feeder offers a dried corn cob and peanuts … enjoyed by the squirrels, too.

With Hallowe’en behind us, people are starting to think about Remembrance Day and Christmas.

Over the past few weeks I’ve spent a lot time creating Christmas cards … selecting the photo images and then creating the text to accompany them.



Card #1 — “Traditional Christmas Carols are part of this joyful celebration.”


Card #3 — “Silent Night, Holy Night.”


I hope that these images, featuring some of my Christmas cards, connect with you, touching your Heart.



Card #18 — “Merry Christmas, Sweetheart!”



Card #5 — “Christmas”


Life.  A breath at a time.  Each moment filled with trust and gratitude.


Card #54    Merry Christmas … To You from Us!



Card #6 — “Merry Christmas!”


All of the cards are blank inside … the back of each card features a “title” .


Card #8 — “Blue Christmas”



Card #49  Merry Christmas!!



Please get in touch with me if you would like to learn more — about Christmas or greeting cards.  I’m always working on new projects!

Now here are a few more for you to check out …

I hope that some with touch your Heart.    Thank you for looking through the images.




Card #23 — “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear … that Glorious Song …”



Card # 21 — “Merry Christmas! This Polar Bear is all decked out …”



Card #51 — “Sure hope Santa and the Reindeer don’t get lost ….”



Card #41 — “Merry Christmas. Love and Wonderment …”




Card #53 — “Merry Christmas! Blue Jay comes a-calling.”



Card #30 — “Merry Christmas …”



Card #27 — “Peace on Earth”



Card #34 — “Merry Christmas! Family and Friends …”



Card #35 — “But the greatest of these is Love.”



Card #25 — “Dreaming of a White Christmas”



Card #9 — “Blue Christmas Without You.”



Card #20 — “The weather outside is frightful … but knitting is so delightful!”



Card #52 — “All I Want for Christmas …”



Card #22 — “All is Calm. All is Bright …”



Card #19 — “Merry Christmas, My Love …”



Card #55   Merry Christmas Everyone!!







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