About Rhonda

Rhonda, and Canine “Kids”

“God won’t take you where His love won’t protect you.”

“You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true.  You may have to work for it, however.”  Richard Bach

“Life is not a dress rehearsal.”  Rose Tremain

Light.  Shadows.  Colors.  Textures.  Shapes.  Angles.  Perspectives.  Perceptions.  I’m inspired by the amazing WOW moments (like joy-filled tickles in my Soul)  that happen when I set aside pre-conceived ideas and see the world through wonder-filled eyes.    My Imagination is learning to play and  I’m learning to see beyond the Obvious.  There is so much to discover and experience  when we open our Hearts, our Souls, our Minds.    “What if …?”  “Why …?”   “Why not?”

 I believe in God — whatever each individual’s concept of God is.  And I believe in  “meaningful coincidences”.  In the September, 2011 Edmonton Senior newspaper there was  an ad for PageMaster Publication Services Inc.  Was this “a sign”?   Taking a leap of faith, I contacted PageMaster.

 Life brings joy and sorrow    the natural ebb and flow.    With too many “Losses”  (deaths of dear friends, beloved pets, lifestyle, hopes and dreams),  Grief became my Companion for awhile.  

There were many insights and lessons — Gifts.   What we perceive as Endings might actually be Beginnings if we are open.   Time waits for no one … Procrastination truly  is a thief of time.   Twenty years ago someone told me that the saddest words to speak at the end of one’s life are:  “I wish I had ….”.  

Tucked away in my heart for many years was the desire to “some day” take photographs.  Perhaps even create greeting cards or write an inspirational book!   My fear of failure … and apprehension about attempting to change Life’s course …  was assuaged by that “some day” promise.

I’ve learned that Everyone has a story that deserves to be told — and heard.    “Ordinary” people inspire me — people who overcome fear or discomfort to do courageous things for themselves — and others.

Life is an Adventure filled with wonder-filled moments, indecision and …  inevitably …  some regrets.    “Circumstances”  occasionally invite us to stretch beyond our comfort zones, encouraging us to “dance in the torrential rain rather than hide in the shelter, afraid to get wet!” 

Life!    It’s about living one-breath-at-a-time in the Present —  not in the Future.

 It’s  about  Love, Family, Friends, Pets, Spirituality, Photography, Writing, Walks in nature, Beautiful sunrises, sunsets, dancing Northern Lights, Music, Travel, Going to the gym and Volunteering for Second Chance Animal Rescue Society (SCARS).

When people tell me what my photos and verses mean to them I’m filled with gratitude and  am inspired to continue to create … and continue  to dream.