Card #1 -- "Traditional Christmas Carols are part of this joyful celebration."

Let it snow … let it snow … let it snow …

Wednesday, November 7 …  This morning the air was calm and the temperature was -1C.   A light, fluffy snow has been falling since the wee hours and we can, apparently, expect about 10 inches to fall in the next twenty four hours.    Last night’s freezing rain morphed into snow in time for the […]

Ethereal ... Snow Geese in Flight


Autumn.  Migration. Yesterday afternoon we drove to a conservation area east of the city to look for flocks of geese, swans, ducks and possibly cranes.    The pelicans left weeks ago but as winter draws nearer the full migration is getting underway.    My hope was to see large numbers of waterfowl … and possibly […]

Approaching Storm ....

Summer Storms

There is no doubt that summer storms create, deep in my Heart and Soul, feelings of excitement, fear, anticipation and some dread as well. Growing up mainly in Alberta, electrical storms were part of life. My Mom loved to watch the storms — she saw their beauty and we learned to feel the same way. […]


On June 28 I had the opportunity to meet with Mary MacArthur and her husband, Danny Lineham, who are the owners of  “Siding 14 Gallery” in the town of Ponoka, Alberta.     Ponoka, just over an hour’s drive south of Edmonton, is a nice little town that seems to be ‘coming into its own’ […]

"Whee!!  Crazy Cat Hangin' On!!"

Time for Whimsy ….

  Sometimes a person simply needs quiet time in the garden … time to sit back and observe what’s there.  Then the imagination can get a little silly and start to play around ………. and it’s absolutely “free” entertainment!!    This endearing cat has resided in my sister and brother-in-law’s garden for years …. through […]

'.... I wonder if she, too, is wistfully thinking .... "Should I?"'

Should I?

    Should I?  Pittsburgh,  Pennsylvania My sister and I are  in Pennsylvania for a week’s getaway.   Today, in the stifling heat and humidity, we are exploring Pittsburgh’s historic business district.  Distant laughter beckons us to a welcoming square surrounded by mirror-windowed office buildings.   A wonderful fountain has drawn people of all ages […]

Dreams Can Come True …

A peaceful evening … I’m looking after my sister and brother-in-law’s “4-legged-kids” while they are away on vacation … and the world is good. Just watched “American Idol” … next week is the grand finale of this season’s competition.  I can imagine how exhausted …. yet energized … the 2 finalists  will be during this […]

"Let's Be Forever Friends"


Spring is my favourite season …. I welcome the long daylight hours!     The sights and sounds of this season are special … everything from the migrating birds returning north to the sounds of singing birds, laughing children … yes, even the sound of lawn mowers!!    New leaves, grass and colorful flowers work […]



Christine, my best friend for almost 48 years, and I flew home to Edmonton last night  after enjoying a week’s “get-away-from-it-all” with friends who live just outside the small town of Sooke, BC. Each day when we looked out the kitchen and living room windows we saw the ocean and the natural beauty […]

"Tulips .... a gift from my dear Cousin."


Easter Sunday … a beautiful, sunny day!    I awoke in the “wee hours”  this morning to the sound of robins and finches singing while crows argued and blue jays scolded.    Yes, despite the chilly temperatures, Spring has arrived.       Many children will be excited about their traditional Easter Egg Hunts.   […]