Greeting Cards

Greeting Cards featuring images of Sooke and area — photos I’ve taken over several years when I was visiting friends. This last week I’ve taken many more photographs so they’ll be featured in future greeting cards, art cards and perhaps even art prints.

Card #1 -- "Traditional Christmas Carols are part of this joyful celebration."

Let it snow … let it snow … let it snow …

Wednesday, November 7 …  This morning the air was calm and the temperature was -1C.   A light, fluffy snow has been falling since the wee hours and we can, apparently, expect about 10 inches to fall in the next twenty four hours.    Last night’s freezing rain morphed into snow in time for the […]


On June 28 I had the opportunity to meet with Mary MacArthur and her husband, Danny Lineham, who are the owners of  “Siding 14 Gallery” in the town of Ponoka, Alberta.     Ponoka, just over an hour’s drive south of Edmonton, is a nice little town that seems to be ‘coming into its own’ […]