• ♥Volunteer member of team that helped care for people living with life threatening illnesses.
  • ♥Volunteer Co-ordinator (interim).
  • ♥Secretary/Office Manager.

Meals on Wheels

  • ♥Volunteer team member who delivered meals to people on the program, being aware of their general health.

Salmon Enhancement

  • ♥Volunteer team member who helped raise salmon fry and smolts.
  • ♥Society Secretary for a term

Fine Arts

  • ♥Volunteer art porter for the adjudication process prior to the annual summer event.  Helped to set up the show and took shifts as a receptionist.

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Student Exchange

  • ♥Volunteer — Host Family for visiting students
  • ♥Program Co-ordinator for Cultural Exchange Programs

“Being a host family meant opening our Hearts and our Home to visiting students to help make them feel comfortable.  Creating itineraries and lessons that worked well was challenging but satisfying.  It was gratifying  to bridge communication barriers with the young students who had minimal English language knowledge.  How special  to see the “light” suddenly dawn in another’s eyes …and you know that you have been understood.”

Citizens on Patrol

  • ♥Volunteer team member of night vehicle patrols that aided the local police by providing “eyes and ears”
  • ♥Membership Director

Block Watch

  • ♥Volunteer and Block Captain

Rhonda’s Loving Care Pet/House Sitting

  • ♥Owner/Petsitter

“A dream came true when I established a successful pet/house sitting business.   Motivation?  Being a “pet parent” for over 40 years, I found it difficult to find reliable pet sitting services.  Creating this business from nothing gave me a feeling of accomplishment — having happy clients is priceless.”

Second Chance Animal Rescue Society.

  • ♥Volunteer Screener for families wanting to adopt one of our abandoned or abused dogs and cats.
  •  ♥Please click here to learn more about SCARS.

Rhonda’s Photos

  • ♥Photographer and writer


In addition to writing parish bulletins and Hospice newsletters, my articles have appeared in the Campbell River Mirror, Senior Living magazine (Victoria, BC)  and in Edmonton Senior.