Yes, we need the snow  ….. too many years of drought-like conditions here.    The light, fluffy flakes are creating a very pretty picture.  Temperatures are warm enough that the snowman-builders should be outdoors this morning, before the melt starts.    Winter’s last hurrah and, as it bids farewell for another year, we prepare to welcome Spring …



Winter Wonderland .....


…  my favourite season.    The time of  “re-birth” — for nature and for people  — we embrace the longer daylight hours and the warming temperatures.    Gardeners and golfers alike smile with a sense of anticipation ….







Tomorrow is April 1st and each day I’m one step closer to “managing” the website … of course, with the assistance of PageMaster’s supportive staff!

Another beautiful, sunny day.   I’ve been working on my image library all morning so this afternoon will take our dogs for a walk in one of our favourite natural areas.    The snow is disappearing quickly but the coming week’s forecast is calling for snow flurries — this part of the province is in need of more moisture so that is welcome news.    Canada Geese are slowly making their way back to our part of the world — to me,  their “honking” is a sign of spring.    Noisy crows and seagulls have returned but I haven’t seen any ducks or swans yet.

There is a Ukrainian Cultural Village near Elk Island Park, less than an hour’s drive from Edmonton.     I haven’t yet visited the village, which opens May 1 and remains open until the fall,  but people have said it’s worth seeing so that will definitely be on my list of places to visit this summer.

A trip to Vancouver Island is coming up before long.  It will be nice to visit old friends again … and walk on the beaches.   There will be more photos to share!!

Yesterday I chose two of my art prints to donate to a fund raising event for Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, Little Cats Lost and the Pet Therapy Society of Northern Alberta.   The event, “Pawsitively Precious Arts and Collectibles” is a silent auction and dinner to be held April 27, 2012.   I volunteer for SCARS and appreciate the work done by all the dedicated volunteers to help abandoned and abused animals.

Please check out the SCARS link:  http://www.scarscare.org



Transitions …. Solid. Yielding. Ethereal.

A Rock Sentinel Watches Over the Valley.














The learning curve of the past few months has been pretty steep at times but, taking it all in stride — with gratitude — keeps everything in perspective.    Please contact me if you have comments or questions about my cards and art prints.

A trip to Vancouver Island is coming up before long.  It will be nice to visit old friends again … and walk on the beaches.   There will be more photos to share!!


Welcome to my website!     What an exciting time this is — for me and for my family and friends who have offered so much encouragement!

PageMaster’s staff is working hard to set up the initial website  before I take a more active role in it … perhaps in early April.    It’s my intention then to post a regular blog to stay in touch, ask for feedback and answer questions you might have about this adventure.

Only a few months ago the idea of sharing my photographs and writing was a “someday” dream I had tucked away in my Heart … and now it’s  becoming a “reality”.      Contacting PageMaster was the first step on this Journey and with the staff’s  patient guidance I’m discovering the fascinating new (for me) world of websites, blogs and such.     There is a lot  to learn — and, yes, stretching beyond my ‘comfort zone’ is a challenge but there are so many ‘wow’ moments! 

Taking pictures, writing or creating the greeting/art cards fills me with a sense of Joy …. like a tickle in my Soul … and a sense of Peace.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my photos and writing with you.   My hope is that the images will touch you in some way … perhaps remind you of a special memory or a beloved pet.    Maybe you’ll be intrigued by a scene and decide it’s time to take that dream vacation!

Thank you for checking out my Gallery … this is a “work in progress”.   As of April I plan to update photos regularly so please drop by if you’re curious.    I look forward to hearing from you!