Water, Sand … Life, Transition

To me Water represents Life —  the Energy that is “ever-changing” and yet “constant”.    The ebb and the flow.

Ocean, rivers, lakes, streams …. even in Winter’s deep freeze the energy remains although on a subtle level.   Have you seen (and heard) river ice as it cracks and heaves?

To me Sand represents Transition.   From Water to Land.   From Buoyancy to Solidity.

I think of the massive Sea Turtles that struggle up the beach to lay their eggs above the high tide line and then drag their heavy bodies back to the Water.    I think of children at play on the beach … and people walking the shoreline, writing messages in the compacted wet sand.

Being near Water gives me a sense of inner peace.    I love walking along a beach …….

Memories, so many wonder-filled memories that linger in my heart, my soul and my mind.