Special Places in My Heart

Reflection …. quiet time that invites memories to return.  Laughter, sorrow, smiles, tears, moments of complete bewilderment … “Did that really happen?”, moments of trepidation … “Am I strong enough?”,    moments of celebration … “Way to go, girl!”,  those ah-ha moments of sudden clarity … “Ohhhhh … so that’s what this means!”  and moments of simple gratitude …. “Thank you for every day!”   So many life-changing moments!

Special Places in My Heart.

Perspective.   That brightly colored ribbon that winds through the years … through  Time  … embracing what has touched our Hearts and what will continue to influence our lives.   People.   Pets.  Experiences.  Places.  Works of Art.    Kind words.   Hugs.  Encouragement.   Gentleness.   Everything come together to reminder us that we aren’t alone on our Life’s  Journey.

These photos remind me of some of the cherished times and places in my life  … the memories.

I am grateful to the Special People who will always be part of who I am.   Their influence on my life is beyond explanation.






The images featured here can be ordered as art cards, greeting cards or prints.   Please contact me for more information.